Why BioRhythm shower gel is so special!

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 In February 2015, the company Natural Cosmetic LTD was nominated for an award for innovative product and trend in organic cosmetics. The product that was nominated was BioRhythm shower gel.

-The reasons for this nomination is rooted in the ingredients of the gel. - Explains the Product Manager - Master of Pharmacy.

- The product has embedded material which is only used by two companies in the world in this specific way. In our desire to make a clean product, that is composed only of extracts and essential oils , we accomplished our world innovation. - Laughs the young Master of Pharmacy.

- But keeping jokes aside, this product is more than 99.5% natural, which can  be felt easily 
on the skin. People who have tried it, literally can't go back to using conventional shower gels. The secret is the ingredient that the gel contains - It is an indian spice that is used like the Curry in indian cooking. This ingredient gives extraordinary softness and moisture. Also don't forget the detergents with 2 independent eco-certificate.

- What most impressed the Germans, however, was our choice of active ingredients. Special attention was paid to the still little known in Bulgaria Moringa oil. This plant is also known as the tree of life and is used thousands of years in the East. Its leaves are used as food. On the skin, Moringa has the ability to nourish and soften, keeping the natural balance of the skin.

More of the interview with the product manager of the company - coming soon....

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