Meet the new rose revolution !!

1:45:00 AM

Hello dear friend!
We have a great news for you! 
This wonderful spring our team brought to you new adds to our garden of roses. Let’s dream in pink and dare  our natural instincts with this new gifts.Over 5 new products have been developed. They are  part of the  complete skin care with Roses for home use. Great holistic sensation would make your daily rituals joyful and  your skin will be revitalized and shining beautiful.
This 5 new products  are with rich texture and proven effect.
You can check for more info at  our web site

Dry Rose Oil for face, hair, neck and body
Organic rose water
Natural cleansing lotion
RP Hand cream
Natural hand cream
RP Perfume
Perfume with Rose oil

Here we remind you the rest of this magnificent bio beauty set  for daily facecare

RP eye
Natural eyes contour
NC Day
Natural day cream
NC night
Natural night cream
RP serum
Natural rejuvenating serum

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