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People began to realize the value of bioproducts in recent years. They help us to maintain our natural beauty, without harming the skin ,  do not accumulate in the environment, and doesn't endanger future generations. Unlike in food however, cosmetics are still missing uniform stringent requirements at international level, related to the formulation of a similar class products. The Industry is in process of working out a common standard  to impose some common requirements and directions, but the process is not yet finished . Because of that each brand producing organic beauty products is bound to follow the standard set by the brand  or by an external certification organization of their choice  to be secure for the clients.

We, as a major brand in the world of bioproducts, keep our clients aware of the way we prepare our recipes production of biocosmetic.
We formulate with:
- At least 95% natural ingredients (certified by external evaluation or a declaration by the manufacturer)
- At least 10% of them come from organic farming (according to Regulation 834/2007 of the European Commission)
- The ingredients have not undergone processing, which would compromise their naturalness and value of the product and not be heated to temperatures above 40 degrees
- Do not use products derived from GMOs.
- The ingredients and their sources were not exposed to dangerous radiation.
- The used ingredients are 100% biodegradable and do not pose a risk to aquatic organisms.
- The sources of origin of the raw materials are renewable and do not threaten the populations of any plant.
- Used packaging and their possible combinations are completely recyclable, our labels are made of paper, which degrades over time naturally.

Our Products do not contain:
- Silicone, parabens, GMOs, SLS, SLES, derivatives and other Petrol substances.

Every day we learn and develop formulas thanks to the experience and opinions collected from you, our customers. For us, your opinion is dominant over any standard . Also we upgrade and replace components whenever a client asked us about it.

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