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We are pleased to present to you our new Bulgarian  friend  GoodBox  , a special  jewel that you can't miss.  They made it possible to include  our star products BioRhythm which has proven globally nomination of one of the most prestigious exhibitions BioFach 2015. Wash precious elixir is over 99% natural and is designed with four active ingredients: Argan, Aloe vera, Wright and Moringa. We are sure that whoever you fall, BioRhythm will win forever!
Good Box is a new way to be updated with national and worldwide brands that produce healthy bio  and organic cosmetics and food.  They will surprise you every month with a different selection of products that will make you reach the nature in the best way possible. Will combine the delicious with the healthy in each lot to bring joy and happiness to each and every one of our customers.

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Everybody likes BioRhythm & Good box. Can't hold that curiosity what's inside.


And finally everybody discovers the treasures inside the mysterious box. BioRhythm shines as the most valuable peace of nature .  All  our customers will enjoy it and will shine  radiant skin in touch with nature and will be active protectors of  the environment at the same time. All parts of BioRhythm shower gel are recyclable and biodegradable . 

Lets enjoy summer together.
Thank you for all your support and feedback!


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